Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Its roles include elimination and absorption of all different types of elements. It is crucial that we understand that anything that touches our skin has a good chance of absorbing into our body. If a toxin gets into our skin or body, and it doesn’t have a natural path to get out, havoc may occur.

We encourage the use and application of only beneficial and harmonious ingredients to the skin. It is crucial to know that we do not support the use of chemical or synthesized emulsifiers, binders, preservatives or chelating agents. The list of toxins found in cosmetics, even “natural” ones, is increasing by the day.

Fear not, nature provides a solution every time. And we, at Vital Organisms, strive to collect the best products from the finest and purest sources.

One of our favorite sources for high vibratory skin care and natural living products is Clearwater Cultures. Founded on probiotics and herbs, every product from Clearwater Cultures is not only free from pollutants, but enhances the body with living cultures to help increase skin immunity. They combine just about every potent microbe and probiotic culture with just about every potent herb and spice in the world. We have discovered that the soaps and creams from Clearwater Cultures helps to relieve just about every skin condition from rashes to burns.



A new addition to our library comes from Ahimsa Botanicals. Neem and Karanja are two highly treasured plants in the organic world. Not only do they act as a natural antioxidant, but it is one of the most potent detoxifiers in the world. It penetrates and cleanses the deepest pores and opens the body to the potential for healing. We highly recommend using Neem Oil for rejuvenation and well-being.


Another high potency product, HumaSoak, comes from our friends at Mana Life. The producer of fine humic and fulvic products has come together to bring us a bath solution which restores the vitality and nutrition within the skin cells. Humic and fulvic are substances that ought to be in our bath water. HumaSoak brings us back to our roots.


Treat your body right and everything will come together. We have found that proper treatment of the skin can lead to flexibility and health below the skin. When we have built up toxins or accumulated sludge on our skin, pathogens flourish. By treating ourselves well, and using good ingredients on our skin, we can ensure that we create environments for positive life.