Water comprises up to 70% of our entire bodies. Our vital organs including our brain consist of up to 90% water. This means that the quality of water we consume affects the entirety of our body and mind.

If we wish to ascend to a better level of health and realization, we must begin by placing awareness on the water we consume. Not all water is created equal. Most tap water in the United States consists of high amounts of toxins including municipally added forms of chlorine and fluoride. The forms added to our tap water does not dissipate without special filtrations.

When we drink and when we bathe in this water, we are systematically killing ourselves and damaging the very systems that keep our bodies alive. Not only do these compounds kill our beneficial microbial community, or probiotics, but they also damage precious organs like our pineal gland.

The first step for many is to find a suitable whole house filter that will eliminate the addition of fluoride and chlorine / chloramines. This means we must have access to a few special filters that can remove these substances. We at Vital Organisms are working with Chanson Water USA to offer a line of whole house filters and water ionizers to provide clean and healthy water for the whole family.