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SEED BANK FOR HUMANITY proudly presents ARCHIVE SEED BANK! Here is an introduction from the breeder!

First and foremost, we are cannabis growers with over 35 years of collective cultivation experience. Our mission is provide heritage high quality cannabis varietals, flowers, seeds, and extracts directly to the customer. We feel that the love, attention, care, and authenticity of our products can only be truly represented by us, personally, at our own brick and mortar store.

The long and arduous road that cannabis has taken historically is something we deeply appreciate. We respect those that came before us during prohibition, and made this industry possible. We make many strides to protect and cherish that heritage, and it’s impact on us. One of our main goals is prevent the corporatization of cannabis and protect the mom and pop farmers. Many sacrifices have been made along the way, but one thing we will not sacrifice, is our ability to provide the best quality, authentic, heritage cannabis genetics and flowers to the experienced and discerning connoiseur. As well as the person new to cannabis, looking for the highest quality experience offered. Our goal is to provide a jump off point, for all connoiseurs alike to become educated and appreciate authentic cannabis varietals and products.


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