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Now you can enjoy healthy drinking water out of every tap in your home, take chemical-free showers and baths, and preserve appliances and fixtures with our Whole House Triple Filter (WH3). Experience three advanced stages of filtration which have been NFS approved and rest assured that you and your family are drinking and bathing in the healthiest water possible.


ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS FOR HEALTH. Most people do not think about the water that they shower in, nor do they recognize that the water they drink is filled with toxins. Especially with the water crisis in many parts of the world, it is crucial today, that everybody has clean water to drink and to bathe in.

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The Chanson Whole House Triple Filter is the invention of Chanson Water USA, Inc.’s former CEO Ronnie Ruiz and was developed after years of reviewing water reports around the USA and listening to the requests and feedback of customers. In the past, whole house filters were rarely more than a large tank full of carbon for chlorine removal, which leaves the water far from drinking quality. Ruiz discovered that he could modify his drinking water pre-filter, and with a few changes he could have the same quality system for the entire house.

Three Stages of Filtration

Your WH3 Filter Includes The Following Three 20″ Canisters:
Stage 1: Starts out with GAC, quality coconut shell carbon for chlorine, bad taste and odor reduction, and reduces sediment as well. This stage can be customized for any water type even well water, ask your Chanson rep for details.
Stage 2: Bone Char Carbon filtration for the reduction of Fluoride, tannins, color, lead, mercury, and arseninc.
Stage 3: KDF-55 and Catalytic Carbon. KDF-55 is world famous, and NSF, EPA, and FDA approved for heavy metal reduction. The special carbon can also remove Sulfur, Nitrates, Chloramines and other harmful chemicals

NOTE: The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water treatment device are not necessarily in your water.

Fully Customizable

The Chanson WH3 Filter can be completely customized for any home water situation, from well water with high bacteria levels to city water with fluoride and other harmful chemicals. The WH3 Filter can even be customized to be used as a disaster relief filter, by installing an “antibacterial” filter in one of the canisters–eliminating the need for boiling water or worrying about water safety during times of disaster.

Our WH3 is designed to last an entire year.

Full-Flow Rate
The WH3 filters upto 12 gallons per minute, which is the equivalent of having three showers running at the same time.

Lifetime Warranty
All Chanson filters have full lifetime warranty on the housings, hoses and fittings. Should your filter housing, hoses or fittings ever become damaged for any reason just give us a call and we will instruct you on how to mail the damaged parts to us and will mail replacements to you right away.

Features Benefits – Provides healthy drinking water out of every tap in your home.
– Enjoy chlorine and chemical-free showers and baths.
– Safe, clean water for cooking and cleaning.
– Eliminates the need to purchase expensive and environmentally-unfriendly water bottles.
– Preserves appliances and fixtures, as chlorine, sediment, chemicals, and other contaminants in your water slowly deteriorate faucets and plumbing.

Easy Installation & Maintenance – Installs in a few hours, inside or outside.
– Mounts on the wall for minimal space use.
-Annual filter replacement is easy, requires no special skills or purchase of special tools, and takes less than ten minutes.
– No other maintenance is required.